1. Sales Accreditation Certificate
  2. Advanced Sales Accreditation Certificate
  3. Technical Sales Accreditation Certificate
  4. Workspaces Technical Sales Accreditation Certificate





  1. Accredited ELDES Security Systems Installer


  1. NM- ECP Training Course
  2. Excel Accreditation Certificate






  1. Panda Security Oficial Partner
  2. Systems Management Technical Course Certificate


  1. Big Dog Partner
  2. Ruckus Sales Expert
  3. Wireless Portfolio Sales Training
  4. Wireless SE Pre-Sales_Wireless Portfolio Pre-Sales certificate
  5. Wired Portfolio Sales Training
  6. Wired Portfolio (ICX) Sales Engineer Pre-Sales Training
  7. SmartZone SE and Partner Assessment
  8. ICX Implementer Exam
  9. RICXI-Exam_Ruckus ICX Implementer (RICXI) Accreditation Certificate
  10. Ruckus Portfolio Sales Accreditation Exam


  1. SD-WAN (Network Security Booster Course)
  2. Selling the Perimeter (MFA Booster Course)
  3. Prevent WiFi Hacks